Me with family in Alaska

Hello World!

Me with family in Alaska

My name is Wakawaka, Jr. I will be thirteen in October. I play the
drums, sing,and love art. At the moment I live with my mom in Napa,
California. As you probably know Napa is wine country which is great
for my mom, Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka, a wine blogger.
Right now my mom and I are in the middle of moving from Arizona
to California. It is quite different here. One day you live in a hot
desert, and the next you are up in green lush forests with grapes and
flowers coming at you from each side. The point is, because we are
traveling I won’t get to go to school with other kids my age, and
instead with be home schooled… or better yet road schooled.
I know some of you might not like the idea of home schooling, but
look at it this way, I will get to study things that interest me like
French and hummingbird biology, but also learn the basics like math
and grammar.I like school and want to learn but some times the
subjects don’t catch my attention and I am not happy about what I am
studying and am constantly bored. I love to write so getting to do my
school work through a blog will be exciting for me, and having people
read my writing is even more special.
I am excited to learn and write. I hope you are excited to see
what I learn and read my writing. Feel free to write what you think of
the blog and if you have any ideas on books I should study, science
projects I should do, etc.
Thanks for the support.



24 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. I’m so excited you started a blog! I hope you post some comics soon too! And I’m looking forward to reading about your road-school experiences too. AND hummingbirds, for that matter! Hummingbird comics, GO!

  2. Jr., you RAWK!!! It was amazing to finally see/meet/hug you… you are an extraordinary young woman, and holy crap can you do a killer smoky eye!! 😀 Thrilled that you’re writing, and can’t wait to follow your road-tripping adventures in learning. The world is a big, wild, crazy place… but I think it may just be ready for the magical likes of you! Give your gorgeous mumsy a squeeze for me… love and angels to you both XOXOXOXO

  3. Wow yay nice blog!

    And yes find lots of things to read and learn. I will think about whether or not I have any suggestions of what kinds of stuff to do. I have thought a lot about how gender roles are presented in YA books (boys: tend to be about leaving a group, girls: tend to be about becoming PART of a group) and I have made an active effort to find counter-examples to these trends.

    Also have you read ‘The Anti-Prom’ or any of Scott Westerfeld’s books? Me and my best friend read a lot of YA together and while I think young adults should read books meant for adults too, lots of YA books have good stuff in them, way better than when I was a kid.

    It was good to see you when you were up here!

  4. Hey Ms. Rachel, I look forward to reading about your adventures and learning. Love and hugs to you and your mom from Flagstaff, where there is an empty space without you now. xoxo

  5. Excellent!! Looking forward to your schooling adventures. Since you are on the road The Roadside Geology of CA is a must. May be a bit dry but it does give some excellent lessons on what is going by the window and ideas for roadside attractions in the science category. Love you!

  6. Awesome blog Wakawaka Jr.!! I loved home-schooling when I did it.The blog seems like an EXCELLENT idea. I can’t wait to read more about what you’re studying. All my love to you and your mom! –S

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